olga sasplugas

"If you've done well in life, it is an obligation to spend a big portion of your time
sending the elevator back down."

Jack Lemmon

Having an eclectic, diverse, apparently scattered, trajectory it’s just a simple way of displaying what life is all about: Transformation, Change and Adaptation.

Restless seeker, multilingual soul, experienced traveller, curious learner, enthusiast hard worker and social engaged being.

From Dancing professionally to Academia to Business and, now, to Coaching.

A sum up, or a natural progression of what I am more passionate about: empowering the other to find his/her way and squeezing his/her potential by exploring all the possibilities that leads to transformation.

Every single step of my life has taught me a very significant and essential lesson.

My dance career taught me the importance of following your dream, no matter what. The unquestionable power of passion, the relevance of commitment and engagement. To work hard, very hard. To be a perfectionist searching for excellence and the extremely powerful strength of creativity.

A chronic injury, continuous pain and disability revealed my resilience capacity and the might of persistence and endurance. To endless fight in front of adversity, to look for alternatives and to never give up.

Yoga showed me the worth of being aligned with your values, the signification of compassion, perseverance and humility. And gratitude.

Travelling around the globe, and living in different cultures trained me to have a broad perspective, a huge capacity of adaptation and respect for the unfamiliar.

Managing a Business and being part of several international Startups, taught me how to transform ideas into exceptional projects, the value of cooperation, the magnitude of networking and the capacity of adjusting your vision to stay competitive.

The necessity of reinventing myself endlessly lead me to Coaching. Helping the others with my life expertise to find their way, transform themselves in what they want to be and enable to design the life they want to live.



Degree in Contemporary Dance.
Institut del Teatre, Barcelona.

Graduate Dancing Course.
Professional Dancing Company IT Dansa, Barcelona.

Degree in Humanities. 
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. 

Graduate Course in Literature Criticism,
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.

First Andorran Fulbright scholarship from the International Fulbright Committee,
to pursue a Master Degree in the United States.

Master in Performing Arts,
Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

Coaching Degree, Ramon Llull University, Fundació Pere Tarrés, Barcelona, 2016-2017.

Neuroscience applied to Coaching, accredited by ICF y CCE, 2017.

Superior Neuroscience Studies for personal and professional development, Educational Paths 2017-2018.

Brief Strategic Therapy specialist, cetrebreu.es, AEPB, Barcelona, 2019.