olga sasplugas

"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

Niels Bohr

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Act2follow.com, a creative agency specialized in Movement. Act2follow.com offers comprehensive services covering the choreographic, performative and spatial needs of any Advertising Campaign, as well as the strategic requirements of any Business plan. From 2016 till today.

Manager of Exceptionlab Inc., company founded by Graham Hill, ideator and producer of the “We Are Happy To Serve You” ceramic cup replica. More than 200+ worldwide stores, top 5 best seller at MoMA and selling over 25.000 units a year. From 2004 till today.

Marketing and Distribution of the Documentary, "Welcome to Paradise", by Eduard Ruano, 2013.

Marketing and Distribution of the Dance Documentary, "Dancing Cities", by Roger Gual, 2013.

Advisor and Project Consultant for the Festival Urban VisionsGranted by the European Commission, 1st Contemporary Dance Festival in Public Spaces, Cairo, Egypt, 2012.

Marketing and Sales Manager at Ponoko.com. 2010-2011.

Director of Online Sales for Treehugger.com, 2004-2008.

Administrative and Customer Service Assistant for the Andorran Tourism Office in Barcelona, 2001-2004.

Trade Show Representative for the Andorran Tourism Ministry, 2001-2004.

Trade Show Marketing Manager, Ski Andorra Association, 1995-2006.